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SNEAK PEEK Into Orphan of the Shadows (Prologue)

For those of you who have already read Orphan of the Shadows, this post will mean little to you–unless, of course, you want to read the whole book over again for the 5th time. (many of you have already told me you have read the book again and again. Thank you for that!) But for those who have not read the book yet, I thought you might like a glimpse of the hard-core story itself. So here it is from the very beginning! (BTW Kaj is pronounced as KAI)

            Queen hAmari gracefully walked through the brightly lit hallways of Cair Acrion. It was her home, a castle in the sky, which floated about to wherever it willed above the Realm of Alëunná. In her hand the Queen held a staff made of magical willow bark, possessing a large purple gem at its tip. Even when she wasn’t using it, she could feel its power surging through her bones, but that power was growing faint. She was not old in any way, but lately she was beginning to feel drained. She felt as if half of her was somewhere else while the other half was left behind in an effort to hold her being together. That was the case, and it almost scared her. Half of her was missing—slowly draining out; it was leaving to find another girl to live in.
            hAmari was dying.
            She could not deny it, but she dared not tell anyone. She didn’t want them to fear for her; though, she feared for them. If she didn’t find her successor, then the world would be in chaos. She and her connection with the people was what helped hold not only the realm, but all of Bratched together. Keeping the balance was a harder task than people knew, and the fact that she was the only one who knew how to do it didn’t help.
            If finding her successor was as simple as picking the best looking candidate and placing her on the throne, she would not worry so much. Unfortunately, that was not the case; hAmari wasn’t the one who got to choose her successor. The choosing was done by the King and by the spirit within her: the Spirit of Alëunná. Nevertheless, whoever the girl was, she had to be found before hAmari died and before anything horrible happened to the chosen girl. The present Queen needed to teach her.
            As if finding the Queen-to-be wasn’t enough, more trouble lay ahead because Darkness would be searching for her too. If evil got their hands on her, they would manipulate the girl and make her fight for their cause. She would be placed on the throne with corrupt views, and Darkness would rule.
            hAmari closed her eyes as she walked and prayed that the new Queen would be safely hidden from evil until she found her. Then hAmari arrived at the end of the hall and stepped up to the balcony rail that lined the end. There she gazed down into the average-sized training quarters and watched her son, Zedikajah, practicing below.
            As she watched him, she thought about her son’s life. Though he was only sixteen, he was wise beyond his years. There was no reason for him not to be, he was the offspring of the women who carried the Spirit of Alëunná within her. It would be strange if he were not special.
            For a few moments, she continued to observe him in the midst of his training lesson. Diligently he ran forth and jumped. In midair he twisted himself around and thrust his dagger at the target before him as he descended.
            It hit the bull’s eye as he landed, perfectly crouched, on one knee. Rising, he clapped his hands and wiped away the dust that soiled them. His handsome face was flawless and smooth, and his emerald eyes sparkled in the bright light of the room. His pale, blond hair shimmered with a touch of red in the light and resembled his mother’s. hAmari was pleased to have him for a son, and anyone could see the affection their relationship shared.
            Though his back was to the Queen, Zedikajah knew his mother was there. He could sense her, or at least he sensed the spirit. He knew it was weaker than normal, and his face fell at the realization. Unhappily, he turned to look at her with his emerald-green eyes, knowing something was wrong.
            hAmari smiled instead of letting him grow in fear and waved gracefully down to him. She would not have him sad. He had an important mission to fulfill. He was the only one other than his twin sister who could find the new Queen and compared to Gwenhafar, he was more adequately equipped for the job. His twin sister was studying in Èlena Kingdom, and though she did not lack the ability to wield a sword, she was no warrior like her brother. Therefore, if one was going to fight the enemy, why not send him, one of the best swordfighters and martial artists in the realm? If one was going to travel the kingdoms, who better to send than a master of languages and accents?
            Without a word, Kaj left the servants and ignored their questioning glances as he ran up the spiral stairs to the Queen.
            “Mother,” he said, concern written on his face, “my Queen, what is wrong?”
            She smiled at him, using the masked face she had perfected as Queen. “Come with me, my son.” The words flowed like honey from her lips. “We must speak in private.”
            The prince bowed slightly and turned with an arm raised. From out of the beams in the ceiling, his white falcon flew to his arm, and as she landed, the golden flecks of color in her wings reflected the light.
            Ö hágádèzhálá, (She is not healthy) the falcon thought to her princely friend.
            I know, Kaj thought back glumly.
Silently the two followed their Queen through the castle halls and to a beautiful, hidden chamber. There, hAmari took a seat, and Kaj still stared at her remorsefully, causing the room to remain quiet. Not even the falcon fluttered or twitched.
            “Zedikajah, dear, please do not look at me like that.”
            “But, Mom, you are—”
            “I know,” she said, cutting him off, “but it is not bad yet. You are very sensitive to the spirit. She has barely left me. Do not fear so much.”
            hAmari’s voice was stronger as she cut him off again. It had a power behind it that only she could possess, “Be not deceived, child of the Queen. I will last until the time is right.”
            Kaj bowed his head. The Spirit of Alëunná residing in his mother had spoken, and he could not argue.
            “I have a task for you,” the Spirit of Alëunná continued. “I believe you know what it is.”
            Kaj looked at his mother. His throat was dry with the lack of words and even the falcon remained silent. They knew what the Queen was going to tell him, but both of them no longer knew what to think.
            Without speaking, hAmari reached for the large purple stone on her staff and whispered words of power. No sooner did she finish whispering before a strap of dark leather appeared out from the gem. This she grabbed hold of and began to pull. The leather stretched from the stone until it became a belt with five different colored stones, each with their own unique pattern.
            Kaj did not know whether to be excited or depressed. This was what he had waited for his whole life. This is what all of his training was for, to find the Queen-to-come, but it never occurred to him it’d be at the expense of his mother’s life. He could barely stomach it; his emotions were so confused.
            As he stood in conflict with himself, hAmari also pulled out a star shaped medallion from the staff ’s purple stone and let it rest on her lap.
            “My son,” she said in her normal, loving voice, while beckoning him to her side. He knelt before her, his emotions still conflicting with one another. “This is the belt and medallion of Anders, the very first emissary who sought for the very first Queen.” She gracefully placed the thick chain of the medallion around his neck. “They are to be yours on your trek to find our Princess.” A spark of pain flashed in hAmari’s eyes, but she hid it almost too fast for Kaj to notice. He did, though, and his heart turned in fear.
            “Do not fear for me, Zedikajah. Be strong for the realm. Find the new Queen and bring her to me before it is too late. I cannot do it myself. I have not the energy to both find her and keep the realm safe. It is all on your shoulders, my son. You were born for this. You were destined for this. You will succeed. I have full confidence in you.”
Kaj tied the belt to his waist. He had no idea how to use it or even if he would need it.
            You will know when the time is right. The falcon thought, knowing his thoughts. Every emissary since Anders has known how to use the belt.
            Kaj tried to believe her, but he wasn’t so sure now.
            “You will be great my son.” The Queen said, sliding to her knees so gracefully, she appeared almost un-human. Then she embraced him and started the Aluens Farewell, “May your weapon always hit
its mark.”
            He struggled to keep his voice steady as he said the reply, “And may your aim always be true.”
hAmari pulled back to hold him at arm’s length. “I love you, my son. Now go, do the spirit’s will and keep the King close in all you do.”
            A tear fell from Kaj’s emerald eyes, and he gave her one last hug. This may be the last time he ever saw her, and he didn’t want to let her go.

From My Treasure Chest of Secrets II

Last time when I shared something out of My Treasure Chest of Secrets, I showed some poems from TJV. Well recently I stumbled upon a new song Sheva and the Serenities, a band from Orphan of the Shadows, were working on. I just can’t help but want to share some of it with you! However, I am taking a risk here because, well, Sheva is not only a diva but a Black Witch… So please DON’T TELL HER I’M SHARING THIS!

The song’s called “Obsession”

Your blue eyes, they’ve become my obsession
Can’t turn away no matter what
Now tears fall, like melting ice
Your sad face, glum like a rainy day,
Obsession, it keeps me here.
I can’t turn away, can’t take my eyes off of you
Everything I do, it’s because of you.

I wish I knew what pains you so
Why you cry when you’re alone
I wish I knew
I wish I knew
To see into your heart of stone
Frozen over o so cold
I wish I could
I wish I could
Help you out
But as it is you shut me out.

Another working intro for the song is:

Dear friend, I hear you’re crying again
Feeling alone and helpless
Like the world is on your shoulders
And it’s weighing ya down
Like an anchor, drowning in the sea

And that’s all I’ve found… What do you think? I feel as if this might be 2 songs in one… Any suggestions for what intro you like better? Maybe I can pass the ideas on to Sheva, though of course, that would involve me letting her know I shared the lyrics… Oh, Blast, I’ll figure something out! If you have anything to say, go for it!

Elon’s New Photo!

Elon Amæloriey

Guess who wanted to stop by today!? That’s right, my good friend Elon Amælorieythe orphan from Orphan of the Shadows! She didn’t stick by long enough to do an interview today, but she told me I should stop hogging this picture I drew of her and let you all enjoy it. Here is the inspirational snippet from the novel itself:

“She was small—still in her early teens—with long, ratted hair that made her head look like a broken bird’s nest. Her entire body was covered in grime, and despite the cold weather, her clothes were thin and covered with holes of every size. Blood dripped from a gash in her cheek, and a large bruise swelled over an eye.

“If Braerr described her in one word it would be ugly—that is for every part of her but her eyes. Despite the deep, unloving glower, her eyes were an amazing blue that seemed to glow like moonlight.”

— From Orphan of the Shadows, Page 27

Interview with Sheva Vaydmehn

Today I am thrilled to have with me in the Secret Sector a very special guest: Princess Sheva Jezebel Vaydmehn (See the picture to the left). She is a dazzling diva, who, lets face it, can be quite vicious at times. But when you’re a Dark princess, a black witch, and a member of the Black Trinity, what can you expect, really? Her life is a mixture of fun, danger, and manipulative actions. However, she is still a teenage girl at heart.

Abby: Sheva, i’m so glad to have you with us.

Sheva: (gives a devious smile that makes me shiver) I’m glad to be here as well.

Abby: I hope that wasn’t an evil implication hidden in your voice. Like you mean to do something malicious…

Sheva: (Anther chilling smile)

Abby: (More shivers) Well, let’s get right down to it, Sheva. I have a lot of questions here which many of my readers are dying to know. So, ah!, let’s start with this one. Why is your nickname Lady Iniquity?

Sheva: The answer is quite simple really. There is an elf in our realm nicknamed Lady Wisdom because she is so wise. People thought I was quite wicked because of things I’ve done, so they nicknamed me Iniquity. Not very creative, but there it is.

Abby: Does the nickname bother you?

Sheva: If it ever did, I’m over it now. I like the name very much.

Abby: That’s not odd in the slightest… Next question, what are you most afraid of?

Sheva: Ha, if I told you, I’d have to kill you.

Abby: I’m pretty sure that’s not a false threat… Okay, you’re a princess. Who’s the most famous person you’ve ever met?

Sheva: Besides me? Hmm, if you count torturing as meeting someone, Prince Zedikajah. I don’t think you get more famous than that, since he is the son of the Queen, and almost all the girls in the realm fawn over him like a wolf ready to devour.

Abby: Interesting metaphor. Have you ever thought Prince Zedikajah was hot?

Sheva: (Makes a sound close to snorting) No. He’s not my type.

Abby: And what is your type?

Sheva: Someone not on the Light, someone easily controlled, and someone easy to discard.

Abby: Wow, that’s… nice. I think we have time for one more question. Let’s direct it toward your music. You are the lead singer of Sheva and the Serenities, though your not the bands leader. Why is that?

Sheva: That’s because the Serenities already were a band before I joined. My brother, Albree, his friend Zevikx, and their friend Mycah were apart of it. Mycah is the leader. He asked me to join the band because of my amazing voice. It’s all because of me they got a record deal.

Abby: Do you all write the songs you perform?

Sheva: Yes. We all put our own twist to the music. On our last album, everyone wrote the lyrics of at least one song. The rest we wrote together, but some of the songs were also written by my other brother, Tarrek. He’s a poet at heart.

Abby: How lovely, well, that’s all the time we have now. Thank you very much again, Sheva, for stopping by.

Sheva: My pleasure, anything for my creator.

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From My Treasure Chest of Secrets

Ever have those days where you’re down in the dumps? Say you dyed your hair an awful color, or you’re just completely out of wack because, well, nothing is easy.  Then you go and decide to face the big, scary unknown and BAM! You have a bad day. Well, if so, you know exactly how I felt this past Christmas Eve.  For that, my emo side decided to show up at about 11:30 pm and I found myself reading over TJV’s poems. (TJV is a character in Orphan of the Shadows that goes by TJV when he writes poetry…) Well, I’ve decided to go behind his back and post a few of the poems he once thought were dumb. JUST KEEP IT A SECRET! I don’t want him revoking my right to read his stuff…

Poem 1 (TJV didn’t name it, I guess)

Mercy, Power, Love, and Fear
Destruction, Honor, and Forgiveness are near.
Don’t be afraid of the unknown.
It is the place we all must go.

Have strength in hope.
Believe in yourself.
Only you have the power
To cry out for help.

Only you can save
Save yourself.


New Dream

I have to dream a new dream
Because I’ve ruined most everything
So I’ve been walking almost an hour
Looking for the new thing
I know better than to turn around
But as I walk I learn nothing

So I take in a breath
And let it out
As I wonder through the storm
I think of lives from the past
And of ones gone before
Then I take another step
And now my soul lives on
I’m running a race I know I’ll win
I have a new life.
So it’s time to begin

So what do you think? Were these poems as bad as TJV thinks? Personally, I like the first one best. But I’m not the one who’s s’pose to be giving an opinion. So… ?


Albree Tells a Story

Albree Vaydmehn (Age 16)

Remember when Albree was 9 and he was a wild little kid that loved to play video games? Of course not! You first met Albree in Orphan of the Shadows when he was 18. Now he and his little sister, Sheva, don’t get along. But what about in the past? Before their lives turned upside down? Well, you’re about to find out as Albree Tells a Story:

“What are you doing in my room!” nine-year-old Albree cried to his little sister. His purple eyes were wide in fright as he hugged his bathrobe close to his body, afraid she might see too much of his bare little being. “You’re supposed to be in bed now, Sheva. You’re going to get us both in trouble if mom finds you here.”

His little sister looked up to him innocently with her big, ice-blue eyes. “I couldn’t sleep,” she said. Albree’s brow narrowed, silently asking why that mattered to him. He got his answer the moment Sheva rushed his way and wrapped her little arms around his waist in a loving hug. She said, “Tarrek can’t tell me a bedtime story because he isn’t feeling well. But he always tells me a story before I go to bed.” Her next words were beseeching as she gave him her best puppy-dog face, “Albree, will you please tell me a story!”

After prying her arms away, Albree brushed his wet, black hair out of his eyes and frowned. Telling his sister a story was the last thing he wanted to do before bed. Epically since he had just got this wicked new game for his handheld play-mate. He’d already made plans during his shower to play it now, even though he was supposed to be going to bed himself. Leave it to Sheva to put a damper in his fun time…

Albree’s expression lightened, his purple eyes sparkling as an idea crossed his mind. “Ok, I’ll tell you a story.” He couldn’t hide his mischievous grin.

Sheva beamed with excitement and scuttled her little body over to Albree’s bed. She crawled in under his covers and waited eagerly for the story to begin. Albree was about to tell her she wasn’t allowed there, but thought better of it. Telling his story wouldn’t take that long, so he began:

“One million thousand years ago, before the creation of man, there lived a unicorn.” Sheva’s eyes widened with glee, for unicorns were her favorite. “This unicorn was not white like most unicorns. It was black as coal. Its horn was as sharp as a sword, and its eyes were as red as fire. Evil radiated in those eyes.

“One day this black unicorn saw a rainbow in the sky. The rainbow’s colors were bright and cheery, leading the black unicorn like a beacon to his prey. Who did he hunt? He hunted those happy little unicorns you love, which live at the end of rainbows. Inattentively, they pranced there, eating their sherbet-poop and dancing around so happy they were farting butterflies. That is, until the black unicorn killed them all. The end.”

Albree wore a satisfied expression as Sheva’s face fell. Her ice-blue eyes fogged over with dismay.

“That’s it?” she asked, not even shaken by the fact Albree just killed off her beloved unicorns. “Tarrek tells better stories,” she said flatly, crawling back out from under Albree’s covers. Shaking her head, she left the room and never asked Albree to tell her a bedtime story ever again, which is just what Albree had hoped for.

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